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Terrible Shotgun von Volpin Props

Harrison Krix hat wieder zugeschlagen und die „Terrible Shotgun“ aus Fallout 3 nachgebaut.
Zur Entstehung schrieb Krix einen Step-by-Step Bericht, vom Rohmaterial bis zum Photoshooting.

Terrible Shotgun

Combat Shotgun

This project is, I suppose, a bit more technical than some of the others I’ve done in the past. I think one of the nice part about my write ups is that things are largely pretty approachable. Recently I’ve made a really large vacuum forming machine, gained access to a laser cutter, and for this specific project I channeled my old Furniture Design degree and picked up a miniature milling machine to work with aluminum. While many of my previous projects require something akin to a bandsaw as the most complex tool, this shotgun is definitely not a “beginner” project.

Den ganzen, reich bebilderten, Bericht könnt ihr auf der Volpin Props Homepage lesen.

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